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About CADAL and its activities in Uruguay

The Center for Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL), with its main office in Buenos Aires , Argentina , and an office in Montevideo , Uruguay, is a private, non-profit, non-partisan foundation. Her mission is to promote:

 the strengthening of democracy and rule of law;

 the implementation of public policies fostering economic, social and institutional progress;

 the regional integration and its opening to world trade;

 the international promotion of human rights.

CADAL is member of the Network of Democracy Research Institutes ( NDRI ), and is an Associate Institute of the Project Plataforma Democrática. She has also received four international awards for her work: 2005 Templeton Freedom Award Grant for Institute Excellence, 2005 Francisco De Vitoria Prize for Ethics and Values, 2007 Francisco Marroquin Prize for Student Outreach and 2008 Alberto Marten for Social Entrepreneurship.

In order to fulfill her mission, CADAL Uruguay is implementing the following activities:

Foro Latinoamericano
Organization of an event dedicated to the analysis of the political and economic situation of Uruguay and Latin America .

Revista Perspectiva
Representation in Uruguay of Perspectiva: Magazine of Politics, Economics and Society in Latin America .

Criminal and Jail Reform
Promotion of the need of a criminal and jail reform in Uruguay and a search for consensus in the Legislative Power.

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